A book about the nature of technology, learning, and being human

About the author

Jon DronJon Dron is a full professor and the Associate Dean, Learning & Assessment, in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Athabasca University, Canada’s foremost open and online university. He is a UK National Teaching Fellow. His research straddles the fields of education, technology, and computing, drawing on many other disciplinary areas from architecture to complexity theory. He has authored three books and over 150 publications in these fields (mainly where they intersect in online learning), and is a well-known educational blogger and keynote speaker. Prior to becoming a teacher, Jon worked in IT for some years, managing support teams, developing educational software, and managing servers. He has developed a wide range of (mostly) social applications for learning over the past 30 years and continues to teach computing courses. Before starting his IT career, he spent over a decade as a professional singer of swing, accompanying himself on guitar. He has post-secondary qualifications in philosophy, information systems, learning and teaching in higher education, and learning technologies (the subject area of his PhD).  Jon is now Canadian, having emigrated to Canada in 2007, but he was born and spent much of his life in England. He is married, with two children, three grandchildren, and an assortment of annoying pets, all living in Vancouver.

You can find out much more about Jon, read his blog, and discover his work at https://jondron.ca