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Privacy Policy

The server keeps logs and sets cookies, without which it couldn’t work. I don’t intentionally track you in any other way. Apart from the minimum needed to keep things working, I keep no personal information about you, and I don’t want to. I will never sell your data, use it for purposes beyond keeping the site running or personally contacting you, nor will I willingly give it up without your permission. The data and backups are stored in Canada and are subject to Canadian law.

The site uses a few services that might do a bit more tracking, such as Akismet anti-spam or WordPress-provided links to social media systems and their ilk. I try to avoid using any that try to track you without your permission but have no control over those that do.

If you choose to comment, then your email address and name are needed, and will be kept, and your comment may be visible to others, but nothing you intentionally share will intentionally be passed on to anyone else.

I try to keep the site up to date and patched against security vulnerabilities but it’s not Fort Knox. Avoid leaving information of a sensitive or private nature here unless it is absolutely necessary (such as basic information about you needed to make comments).